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Any legal entity representing a volleyball club, national league or any other natural person supporting the purpose respectively the objectives of the ACPV and wishing to become an Ordinary Member («Applicant») can apply by filling out the Online Form.

Rights and Obligations

All Members shall have the following legal rights:

  • to participate in the activities organized by the ACPV to perform its purpose;
  • to take advantage of the opportunities and benefits that the ACPV may obtain;
  • to make suggestions to the General Assembly to improve the performance of the purposes of the ACPV;
  • to be called to and attend the meetings of the General Assembly, with the right to speak and to vote;
  • to be informed of the state of the accounts of the ACPV;
  • to be informed of the resolutions by the Managing Board, when these relate to the Members;
  • to use the logo of the ACPV;
  • to publicly identify itself as a Member of the ACPV.

All Members shall have the following legal obligations:

  1. to notify the Managing Board of their club address, e-mail address and of the details of their club board representatives;
  2. to promote at all times the development of the ACPV, contributing actively to the performance of its purpose;
  3. to discharge with proper diligence the obligations inherent in their offices.

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