Zurich, Switzerland, September 25, 2019 – The ACPV is set to launch a new livestream initiative which will begin with a match between Italian side Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri ‘76 and French outfit Volero Le Cannet on September 28.

The clash in Sanremo, Italy, which will start at 17:30 CET on the day, is part of the wider Sanremo Cup 2019 exhibition tournament which will be held in the Ligurian city.

It marks the first of a series of games involving ACPV member clubs that will be broadcast to fans via a livestream in the aim of promoting club volleyball and allowing fans more of an insight into pre-season activities and preparations.

ACPV General Manager, Ivan Miljkovic, said: “The ACPV want to promote club volleyball and provide the fans of European volleyball clubs with more of an opportunity to follow their heroes.”

“The livestream service will be an ideal way of giving fans access to pre-season games. This is good for providing the fans with additional insight into their club’s preparations, but also it means the fans do not have to wait right up until the start of the season to see their idols back in action”.

Live coverage of the match between Chieri and Volero Le Cannet and other games that follow will be available through the ACPV’s Official Facebook page, mytvchain.com and the ACPV’s own website channel: acpv.org/live.