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Interview with ACPV President Stav Jacobi

Zurich, Switzerland, November 14, 2018. ACPV President Stav Jacobi on the importance of the ACPV for the growth of club Volleyball in Europe and how Europe’s top clubs want to take club Volleyball to the next level.

Mr. Jacobi, it has been one week now since the official launch of the ACPV. How has the feedback from clubs in Europe been so far?

Stav Jacobi:We have only received positive feedback from the clubs, officials, and experts in international Volleyball. People are convinced that an association of the top sides in club Volleyball can only help our beloved sport to grow, and that such a change was long overdue. For only if we join our forces, can we take club Volleyball in Europe to a whole new level.

How do you feel presiding over the first-ever association of professional Volleyball clubs in Europe and what are your goals?

Stav Jacobi: Without a doubt, I feel honoured to hold this office at the ACPV. I am eager to do everything in my power to help club Volleyball grow in Europe. Therefore, I handed in my resignation from my position in the Executive Board of the FIVB to FIVB President Ary Graça, who accepted my decision. I did this in order to avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts of interest before being elected President of the ACPV. As ACPV President I want to establish the ACPV as a place to exchange ideas and to lead the way for European club Volleyball. That is why we want to work closely with the clubs as well as the international Volleyball federation FIVB and the European federation CEV.

In your opinion, why is such an association of Europe’s top Volleyball clubs so crucial for the growth of club Volleyball?

Stav Jacobi:Sports and the sports business have changed a lot over the last decades. Volleyball clubs as well as Volleyball in general have been facing new challenges. Therefore, the big players in Volleyball must stand together and help the sport grow. We are convinced the ACPV is the perfect platform for this exchange of know-how. In other sports like Football, Basketball, Handball, and Ice Hockey, clubs have already closed ranks. Volleyball must do the same if we want to avoid falling behind in comparison to the others.

You have gathered experience not only in Volleyball, but in other sports, too. What kind of potential does Volleyball have in your opinion?

Stav Jacobi: Volleyball has got all it takes to be one of the most popular sports in Europe. The World Championships in Poland in 2014, and in Italy and Bulgaria in 2018 have proved it once again. Thousands of Volleyball fans have flocked to the stadiums and millions of people have become inflamed with the passion of Volleyball. This has resulted in certain countries becoming embroiled in a true Volleyball fever – in club Volleyball, too. Now we want to make sure everybody in Europe catches this Volleyball fever.

What are the next steps the ACPV are going to take?

Stav Jacobi:In the next few weeks, the members of the ACPV are to sit together once again to talk more in detail about the challenges the clubs in different leagues face and to exchange their know-how. Then, we want to find solutions together. Because as our slogan says, we are stronger together.

Are you already in negotiations with potential new members?

Stav Jacobi:Various top European clubs have already contacted us in order to get more information about the ACPV and how they can become members. At the moment, however, we are not allowed to mention any names. We are just glad that the ACPV attracts such a wide interest amongst professional Volleyball clubs.

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