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ACPV’s purpose is the representation of its Members and their interests and the development of professional club Volleyball through related and associated activities and in friendly cooperation with the Confédération Européenne de Volleyball(«CEV») and the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball («FIVB»). The ACPV also represents its Members vis-a-vis the CEV, the FIVB and others.

ACPV was officially founded on July 2, 2018 in Zurich.

ACPV represents the interests of its members vis-à-vis the Confédération Européenne de Volleyball (“CEV”) and the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (“FIVB”) in a friendly cooperation.

  1. To be the forum for the exchange of information regarding Club volleyball
  2. To take active part in representing volleyball clubs’ interests (format, administration, operation, etc.) with all the institutions involved
  3. To safeguard the general interests of all Members and and Euro- pean Club volleyball as a whole
  4. To promote and improve the professional volleyball competition in all its aspects
  5. To perform economic activities necessary for the ACPV

Postal address:
ACPV, Neunbrunnenstrasse 38, 8050 Zürich, Switzerland

One of the important issues to be discussed in a dialogue with the CEV is the proposition for the modification of the current top volleyball competition in Europe getting in consideration the specifities professional volleyball clubs as a “volleyball entrepreneurs” have and searching the way to create an efficient and long-lasting “Volleyball Solidarity Mechanism” that involves all stakeholders: CEV, federations, leagues, clubs, players and potential sponsors and investors in order to create an additional value for everbody and allow clubs to reinvest in creating new future volleyball champions. The future organization will not have any similarities with the EuroLeague Basketball since this competition is a 100% private competition outside the FIBA Europe. 

One of the main recommendation presented by the European Union and the European Commission regarding EU Sport is the dialog between all the stakeholders involved:

The Commission encourages and welcomes all efforts leading to the establishment of European Social Dialogue Committees in the sport sector. It will continue to give support to both employers and employees and it will pursue its open dialogue with all sport organisations on this issue. (Commission of The European Communities – WHITE PAPER ON SPORT)

The intention of the ACPV is also to create a benefit for all the parties involved exclusively through dialogue, also recognized and encouraged by the CEV and its President in the CEV Statute:

“The CEV aims to encourage the development and growth of the sport of Volleyball in all its forms, within the territories of its National Federations. In particular, the CEV aims to: … Foster the development of friendly relations between its National Federations, officials, trainers, referees and players (CEV Statutes)

and the letter sent to all the stakeholders after the CEV CL FORUM in Luxembourg:

Communication and a continuos exchange of opinions remain key elements of our cooperation. With this said, we would like to encourage you to raise any question, comments or remarks at any time with your respective departments at the CEV Headquarters in Luxemburg. We are ready to listen and to improve for the overall benefit of Volleyball.”

  • Recognition of professional volleyball players, coaches and clubs and their contracts
  • ITC system modification and removing discrimination regarding Transfer Fees
  • International Calendar modification (8 months for clubs, 3 months for National Teams and 1 month for players)
  • Insurance of volleyball player’s contract during the period in National Team
  • Recompensation for the club for the time professional player with a valid contract stays with the National Team
  • Club Ranking system based on the results in the international club competitions
  • Modification of the top European clubs competitions and creating a Solidarity Fond to diminish the gap between the top and lower ranked clubs and allow professional clubs to reinvest in new future volleyball champions

In football there is ECA (European Clubs Association) that joined forces with the European Leagues, FIFAPro and recognized by the UEFA and the FIFA, in handball there is Forum Club Handball, officially recognized by the EHF and the IHF and jointly succeded to sign a 10-years contract for minimum of € 500M and in ice hockey there is European Hockey Clubs (EHC) union.


In order to have a better representation and direct communication with the relevant volleyball institutions, like in many other sports (football, basketball, handball and ice-hockey) the professionall volleyball clubs joined their interests about many international issues (contracts, transfers, calendar, ranking system, etc.) which can be more properly and efficiently represented by clubs’ association instead being represented by each single National Federation which should protect both clubs’ and national teams’ interests. 


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