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ACPV welcomes new members following historic fourth ACPV Milan meeting

Milano, Italy, March 28, 2019 – The fourth ACPV meeting of March 26, 2019, will go down as a historic date in the history of the ACPV as the Italian Women’s League as Founding Member and Slovenian club Gen-I Volley Nova Gorica as Regular Member bolstered its ranks, agreeing to join following vital discussions over the contemporary FIVB ITC Administration Fees and Media & Marketing rights of European Volleyball clubs.

The agreement of the Italian Women’s League to join the ACPV comes as a major boost and represents a huge milestone for the ACPV following the Milano meeting. Furthermore, the reigning President of the Italian Women’s League, Mr. Fabris, was elected to sit on the ACPV board as Vice-President during the meeting, to help develop the association’s ideas and plans for the future, and bring the views of Italian women clubs to the table for discussion.

ACPV President, Stav Jacobi, expressed his delight at the decision for the Italian Women’s League and Gen-I Volley Nova Gorica to join, and extended a warm welcome to Mr. Fabris as he takes his seat as the latest Board member of the ACPV.

“We are delighted to welcome the Italian Women’s League and Gen-I Volley Nova Gorica on board, and I look forward to working directly with Mr. Fabris on development of the ACPV, especially regarding Women Club Volleyball”, Jacobi announced.

“The Italian Women’s League is one of the most prominent bodies in European club volleyball, and we feel their ideas will be vital to our ethos going forward. The recruitment of Nova Gorica equally shows that our outreach is spreading throughout Europe”.

On the main agenda at the meeting, various issues were discussed which notably included the individual media and marketing rights that clubs own. The ACPV advised how the clubs can make best use of the rights they have at their disposal in order to develop positively. Another major point on the agenda were the FIVB ITC Administration Fees, and all members present at the meeting unanimously agreed on the next steps to be taken in order to reform this particular issue.

“The ACPV wants to work closely with all the big stakeholders in the club game and to lead club volleyball to a better future. Therefore, we must have a sympathetic ear for all the clubs – not only our members – and take their opinions seriously. Only together we can grow our beloved sport,” ACPV President Stav Jacobi added.

Various clubs from Russia, Belarus and Finland were in attendance in Milan as observers at the meeting. The purpose of this was to allow the clubs to absorb this all important information as to how the ACPV’s ideas going forward may be of benefit to them. This of course was with a view to those clubs joining as new members. Gen-I Volley Nova Gorica (Slovenia) was one such club present at the meeting which has since agreed to become a member.

“We hope that Gen-I Volley joining the ACPV will set a precedent for observers attending meetings with a view to coming on board in future”, ACPV General Manager, Ivan Miljković said.

“The purpose of the meetings is not only to share and exchange knowledge, but to show the clubs across Europe that our doors are open and we encourage them to join us and share our vision for a better future in the European club game”.

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