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Corruption in any form at any level within the ACPV and amongst its members will not be tolerated. All members of the ACPV must abide by the association’s own Anticorruption control request.


The ACPV condemns all forms of doping and drug usage amongst athletes not only on the rosters of its member clubs, but across the whole of the game. We pledge to preserve the integrity of our beloved sport by implementing an anti-doping policy amongst all members.


The ACPV vows to champion fair and equal treatment of all people and participants within the spirit of the sport, regardless of one’s race, nationality, sex, gender and sexual orientation. Abuses of this policy of equality will not be tolerated. The ACPV will continually focus on access, inclusion and diversity to convey a positive message and ensure people from all backgrounds feel welcome within and continue to enjoy our beloved game.


Transparency is one of the prime directives of the ACPV and will be upheld in all related activity. Democratic processes within the ACPV  are to remain accessible to all; elections and decision making processes will be open, competitive and inclusive. The ACPV will remain accountable for all internal activity and remains in control of all such action.


The ACPV and its members will seek to work amongst themselves and the external federations and institutions with which they share relations to make a united stance in adding value to the volleyball game both commercially and socially. The ACPV also harbours ambitions to establish club volleyball as one of the top sports in Europe, by raising the game to the level of other sports, and consolidating its position through associated activities.


The ACPV is committed to maintaining friendly dialogue between all parties involved, including the ACPV itself, its member clubs, and other sporting federations and institutions.
It will also seek to improve current relations between national federations and volleyball clubs and promoting cooperation between all parties within the sport is and will remain a priority of the ACPV. Equally, the ACPV will bring partners and potential sponsors together and work with them to ensure the continued growth of the game both commercially and socially


The ACPV will both implement and uphold its own Human right policy. In all related activities, the ACPV will champion sustainability and diversity, by working with its members and other federations/institutions to make the sport both socially responsible and sustainable.
The economic, social and environmental impact of the activities of the ACPV will be measured so that future generations can continue to enjoy the game in the best possible conditions. Furthermore, the ACPV will seek to use the power of volleyball to reach out to those in socially and economically challenged areas to ensure the sport continues to touch the lives of people across Europe and the wider world. Like other sports, volleyball forms a part of global society and the ACPV believes it has an invaluable role to play in driving social development and exercising its influence. The ACPV will tolerate no form of racism or discrimination and will work with its partners in active support for campaigns against such abuses.

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