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ACPV President’s Statement regarding COVID-19

Dear volleyball lovers,

The problems all around us regarding COVID-19 influence our countries, our lives and our sport. It will take time to have things like we were used to have before, but now is the right moment to show our responsability. Each single one of us. For the good of our sport and for the whole world community, the priority nr. 1 in this moment is to prevent to spread the virus as much as possible.

The volleyball community is one of the largest sport communities in the world involving more than 500M people which are normally orginised as a clubs . Most of the clubs have ceased their activities completely. Some professional players left their teams to join their families and loved ones, some of them (France, Turkey) are still with their teammates. Let us all put the safety of the athletes on a first place. Unfortunately, there are also cases of the virus already inside our volleyball family, involving some of the top volleyball athletes. I wish to all the champions involved a fast recovery.

Let’s all hope this pandemic will end soon. We are all inside this together. But this time, in order to achieve a result as a group, let’s play individually and STAY AT HOME.

Take care of your families and yourselves.

Dr. Stav Jacobi

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