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5th regular ACPV meeting held in Nova Gorica

Nova Gorica, Slovenia, November 22, 2019 – The members of the ACPV have gathered in the city of Nova Gorica for the 5thregular ACPV meeting to discuss current activities and future plans.

The latest ACPV meeting in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, hosted in collaboration with ACPV member club Gen-I volley Nova Gorica, brought together various member clubs from different countries. Standard agenda issues were addressed including management and the annual financial report, the budget for the next year, legal issues, current activities and future plans.

Having been an official ACPV member since March 2019, the Italian Lega Volley Femminile was represented at an ACPV meeting for the first time by Mr. Garbellotto Piero, Lega Volley Femminile’s Vice-President and the President of Imoco Volley Conegliano, the club which was recently crowned champion of Italy’s SuperCup in Milan.

Alongside the ACPV members, representatives of other clubs were present at the meeting, including some from Slovenia, England and other surrounding countries.

The next ACPV meeting is scheduled to take place in the new year (2020).

About GEN-I Volley:

Already well-known in its home country of Slovenia, GEN-I Volley Nova Gorica has a history in CEV competition having first made its bow in European Volleyball in the 1993/94 CEV Cup. Having been a regular feature in CEV tournaments throughout the 2000s competing as Hit Nova Gorica, the club had something of a hiatus before returning to the European battlefield in 2019 under the GEN-I Volley brand.

Having competed in the 2019 CEV Volleyball Challenge Cup, Tilen Kozamernik’s side grace the CEV Volleyball Cup this year as they seek to secure a maiden European title and push on to an even higher level: competing in the CEV Champions League.

However, the club also has its sights set on honours closer to home. The Slovenian women’s top flight, the 1. DOL (Women), has been shared between Branik Maribor and Calcit Kamnik since 2010, and ending the stranglehold will be on the minds of Kozamernik’s players as they once again go on the hunt for titles to establish themselves as an emerging powerhouse in the Slovenian Volleyball scene.

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